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Αρχική Σελίδα / Νέα και Δραστηριότητες
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GIGILINIS SHIPPING GROUP was a proud sponsor of the New Year's Reception of the American - Hellenic Chamber of Commerce for 2017. This outstanding reception took place at the Met Hotel, Thessaloniki, on the 6th of February and many of the most exceptional business leaders and personalities were there, honoring with their presence this networking event.

The event was attended by over 300 guests and brought together Chamber members, leading government officials, members of Parliament, Diplomats, local government officials, organiazation presidents, media and prominent executives of the business community.

 Mr. Alexandros Gigilinis, Managing Director of GIGILINIS SHIPPING GROUP,  was also there, as he is a member of the Executive Committee in Northern Greece of the Greek - American Camber of Commerce.

Since 1932, The American - Hellenic Chamber of Commerce launches various events and conferences and promotes the interests of its members while enhancing Greece - U.S. commercial and trade relations.




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